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           Testing of Electrical instalations

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Statistics show that many fires start from damaged or defective electrical installations, that may have been avoided if regular professional inspection, of the electrical installations,had been regularly carried out.

Knowing, that your electrical installation is safe to use, free of defects, that may be potentially life threatening, or an extreme fire risk.  It is a comforting thought and in some cases a legal requirement to have regular inspections.

Electrical fires can be devastating, and are often a combination of several factors, build-up of debris, ingress of water, breakdown of the cable insulation, vermin damage, mechanical damage, work or modifications done by unqualified person, circuit overload. 
Many of these will be shown up by a proper inspection and test of your electrical installation by Anthony Lloyd electrical contractors
On completion of testing you will be issued with 3 documents by our engineer;
1)  An Electrical Installation Condition Report.
2) A Schedule of Inspection.
3) A Schedule of test results.
In these documents you will have any recommendations made by the inspector, date of next recommended testing based on the condition of the installation and the legislation guidelines. We will advise you of any work that is required to bring the installation up to the current standards and any urgent work that is needed for your safety and that of others
For a quote or to book a test call;
                                                  Steve on 07967592386
                                                  Or Dave on 07776043040
                                                  Or email info@alloydelectrical.co.uk